Country Pop Singer

She's been singing since just 4-years old. Olivia was born in 2005 an autumn baby and her love for Country Songs came from singing Dolly Parton with her nana! 



Country Girl

Throughout the course of her young musical career, OLIVIA LYNN has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing from a young age, Olivia was born to sing and over the past years has been earning the admiration and affection of fans. Her love for country started at a very  young age

"I've been singing since  was I 4-years old. Born in 2005, an autumn baby I grew up with  a love for Dolly Parton, who I used to sing along to with with my Nana. I always wanted to become a influential singer!

I'd love people to enjoy my music and be able to relate to it, I use my music as a safe place!



Country Girl 

OLIVIA LYNN is strongly influenced by family, friends, country music culture and sounds of it's hometown. Even as a youngster, she was drawn to music and musicians, influenced by her Nana. Olivia truly understands the power of music and lyrics that speak to fans across generations.

Olivia's signature style is instantly recognisable and will become a sound that others will relate too. With her name becoming increasingly heard across all platforms, her career is at an important crossroads that could see Olivia Lynn burst onto the international charts.



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